Friday, June 1, 2012

Scenes from Sedona

We spent a wonderful long weekend in Sedona, Arizona, about two and a half hours north of Phoenix for my birthday.  Nothing takes the edge off gaining another year like a trip to a naturally beautiful place and a stay at a fancy resort!  We arrived late at night, so the only scenery we saw the first day were the zillions of stars in the very dark, very clear sky.  When we woke up and looked outside, we discovered that we were in a canyon, surrounded by huge, rugged red rock mountains.  We stayed at the lovely, Southwestern-style Enchantment Resort, the canyon location of which lent itself to enjoying the landscape at every possible moment.   We had a view from our room, our deck, at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner, from the pool- you get the idea.   Even when I was at the spa, there was a full wall of windows so I would not miss another moment of gazing at the surrounding red rocks.   Great hiking in Sedona was close to our resort, easily accessible and again, all about the views.

*all photos courtesy of my husband/photographer except the last one, from Enchantment's website.