Friday, September 17, 2010

Little flower school- ode to the dahlia

So, I've been a little disgruntled lately with the summer ending and coming back from vacation to a mountain of work, but nothing is the cures the blues like a couple of hours spent playing with my most favorite flower (and its gorgeous late summer flower friends). I took Little Flower School's Ode to the Dahlia class on Wednesday and it was a refreshing blast of gigantic, amazing, freshly picked floral gorgeousness.
How does one take a class in Brooklyn on a workweek Wednesday when you live in Chicago, you ask? Easy! Just schedule all of your clients to come to NYC around your flower arranging schedule. Problem solved.
Pictured are Sarah and Nicollette, the lovely and insanely talented ladies who run the school in addition to their own businesses (Sapuia and Nicolette Camille). They explained the somewhat overwhelming concepts of selecting, arranging and caring for these specific flowers in a very easy to grasp, step by step way. I was so into the process (and possibly the glass of sparkling wine at the end of class) that I somehow did not photograph my actual arrangement at the end so these are some randoms. Oops! I know Sarah and Nicolette took some so will have to share when they post.

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