Thursday, July 23, 2009

Utterly Engaged

I saw this new online wedding magazine on Green Wedding Shoes. Pretty dresses, smartly decorated tables, gorgeous photos, chic crafts, all for a budget minded bride. What's missing? Just the cheese factor that makes most bridal magazines so hard to read. Cheers to cheese free! Keep it up!

PS. I am totally going to make this craft from their second issue!


  1. thanks for such an awesome post! we would love to hear your feedback. how could we make this ezine not soo cheesy? hehe. any critique would only improve our ezine! *hug*

  2. I think what I liked about your first issues is that they were refreshingly different in general attitude. I think the difficulty with the wedding industry in general is that it gets caught up in a more more more mentality. Sometimes, what you don't do and don't show says more about you than what you can keep adding on. What I really liked is your "real couples" because they did seem very real and their weddings were attainable, not blowout affairs with all the bells and whistles. Can't wait for issue #3!